We provide design services that integrate identity, web, print, and photography knowing that the best results are achieved by the dyadic relationship between our clients and us.




Dyad websites


Interior Design & Decoration

  • AK Atelier, New York/London view website
  • Brockschmidt & Coleman, Decoration and Design, New York view website
  • Bruce Palmer Interior Design, Wilmingtonin development
  • Cullman & Kravis, Interior Design, New York view website
  • Eastridge Design, Princeton view website
  • Eberlein Design Consultants, Philadelphia view website
  • Ellet Kidd, Interior Architecture and Design, Wilmington view website
  • Elizabeth Dexter Interiors, New York view website
  • Jenny Fischbach, Interior Design, New York view website
  • Laura Adams Interiors, Los Angeles view website
  • Linda London, Ltd, New York view website
  • Lisa Galano Design Consultancyin development
  • Nancy Braithwaite Interiors, Atlantain development
  • Sam Blount Incorporated, New York view website
  • The San Francisco Fall Antiques Show, San Francisco
  • Saint Clair Kitchen + Home, Short Hillsin development
  • Sarah Blank Kitchen + Bath, Greenwich view website
  • Sean Johnson Interior Decoration, New Yorkin development
  • Stewart Manger, Interior Design, New York view website
  • Tammy Connor Exquisite Interiors, Birmingham & Charleston view website
  • Tracy Morris Design, Washington DC view website
  • Tucker & Marks, San Francisco view website

Engineering, Construction & Real Estate

Artisans & Craftsmen

  • Campbell & Strasser, Bath view website
  • Charlotte Lindley Martin, Merion Station view website
  • Christopher Spitzmiller, Handmade Ceramic Lamps, New York view website
  • Dauses Press, Upper Falls view website
  • Davis Mackiernan Architectural Lighting, Inc., New York view website
  • Eloise Pickard, Historical Lighting, Atlantain development
  • Elsa Lydia Martin, Jeweler & Metalsmith view website
  • Historic Doors, Fine Craftsmanship in Woodworking, Kempton view website
  • Horus Bronze, Windows & Doors, Brooklynin development
  • Les Métalliers Champenois view website
  • Lowe Hardware, Rocklandin development
  • MarbleCrafters, Trainer PA view website
  • Perfect Glassworks, Germantown MD view website
  • Tanglewood Conservatories, Denton MD
  • Francesca Schwartz, New York view website




  • Archive for Research in Archetypal Symbolism, New York view website
  • Bryn Mawr College, Bryn Mawr
  • Griffin Global Education Network, Philadelphia view website
  • Institute of Classical Architecture & Art, Philadelphia Chapter view website
  • Institute of Classical Architecture & Art, Washington Mid Atlantic Chapter view website
  • Institute for Law and Economics, Philadelphia
  • Solebury School, Solebury
  • Swarthmore College, Swarthmore
  • Temple University, Philadelphia
  • University of Pennsylvania: Graduate Admissions, Philadelphia view website
  • University of Pennsylvania: School of Dental Medicine, Philadelphia view website
  • University of Pennsylvania: Undergraduate Named Scholarships, Philadelphia view website
  • University of Pennsylvania: Vice Provost for Research, Philadelphia view website




  • Jeffrey Totaro, Architectural Photography, Gladwyne
  • Josh Nefsky, Fine Art Photographer, New York view website
  • Kyle Born Photography, Philadelphia view website

Psychology, Medicine, & Science