We provide design services that integrate identity, web, print, and photography knowing that the best results are achieved by the dyadic relationship between our clients and us.




Dyad websites


  • Abelow Sherman Architects, New York view site
  • Anik Pearson Architect, New York view site
  • Anne Decker Architects, Bethesda view site
  • Anthony Wilder, Architecture/Interiors/Construction, Cabin John MD view site
  • Archer & Buchanan Architecture, West Chester in development
  • Austin Patterson Disston Architects, Southport view site
  • Charles F. Hilton Architects, Greenwich view site
  • D. Stanley Dixon Architect, Atlanta view site
  • David Scott Parker Architects, Southport CT view site
  • Douglas C. Wright Architects, New York in development
  • Douglas VanderHorn Architects, Greenwich view site
  • Franck & Lohsen Architects, Washington DC view site
  • G. P. Schafer Architect, Architecture & Design, New York view site
  • Glavé & Holmes Architecture, Richmond view site
  • Harrison Design, Atlanta in development
  • Historical Concepts, Atlanta view site
  • HMR Architects, Princeton view site
  • James F. Carter Architects, Birmingham view site
  • J. E. Schram Architect, Baltimore view site
  • John B. Murray Architect, New York view site
  • John Milner Architects, Chadds Ford view site
  • Jones & Boer Architects, Washington DC view site
  • Juárez & Juárez, Residential Design, San Antonio and Houston in development
  • Kirchhoff & Associates Architects, Jupiter view site
  • Meyer|Greeson|Paullin|Benson Architects, Charlotte view site
  • Murphy & Co Design, Minneapolis MN view site
  • MW Architects, Washington DC view site
  • Neumann Lewis Buchanan Architects, Washington DC view site
  • Ong-ard Architects, Chiang Mai, Thailand view site
  • Our Town Plans, Atlanta view site
  • Period Architecture, Chadds Ford view site
  • Peter Cadoux Architects, Westport view site
  • Peter Pennoyer Architects, New York view site
  • Phillip James Dodd, Bespoke Residential Design, Greenwich view site
  • ShopeRenoWharton, South Norwalk in development
  • Smiros & Smiros Architects, Glen Cove view site
  • TEA2 Architects, Minneapolis view site
  • The Art of Classical Details view site
  • Thomson & Cooke Architects, Washington DC view site
  • Thompson Raissis Architects, Darien view site
  • Timothy Bryant Architect, New York view site
  • Voith & Mactavish Architects, Philadelphia view site
  • Wadia Associates, Residential Architecture of Distinction, New Canaan view site
  • Weil Friedman Architects, New York view site

Interior Design & Decoration

  • AK Atelier, New York/London view site
  • Brockschmidt & Coleman, Decoration and Design, New York view site
  • Bruce Palmer Interior Design, Wilmington view site
  • Bunny Williams Interior Design, New York in development
  • Cullman & Kravis, Interior Design, New York view site
  • Eastridge Design, Princeton view site
  • Eberlein Design Consultants, Philadelphia view site
  • Ellet Kidd, Interior Architecture and Design, Wilmington view site
  • Elizabeth Dexter Interiors, New York view site
  • Jenny Fischbach, Interior Design, New York view site
  • Laura Adams Interiors, Los Angeles view site
  • Linda London, Ltd, New York view site
  • Lisa Galano Design Consultancy view site
  • Nancy Braithwaite Interiors, Atlanta view site
  • Sam Blount Incorporated, New York view site
  • The San Francisco Fall Antiques Show, San Francisco 
  • Saint Clair Kitchen + Home, Short Hills in development
  • Sarah Blank Kitchen + Bath, Greenwich view site
  • Sean Johnson Interior Decoration, New York in development
  • Stewart Manger, Interior Design, New York view site
  • Tammy Connor Exquisite Interiors, Birmingham & Charleston view site
  • Tracy Morris Design, Washington DC view site
  • Tucker & Marks, San Francisco view site

Engineering, Construction & Real Estate

  • Altieri Engineers, Norwalk view site
  • Carnemark Design + Build, Bethesda in development
  • Cherokee Construction, Wyndmoor view site
  • Flower Construction, Mendham view site
  • G.R. Porter and Sons, Custom Builders, Norwich VT view site
  • Hanson Fine Building & Preservation, Philadelphia view site
  • Hudson Green Craft, New York view site
  • James Brown PHAC, West Chester view site
  • J.N. Ruddy Building & Restoration, Stamford view site
  • Keast + Hood, Structural Engineers, Philadelphia/DC view site
  • MZ Movers, Yonkers view site
  • Nordic Custom Builders, Cos Cob in development
  • Pinemar, Residential Builders, Ardmore view site
  • Potomac Valley Builders, Bethesda view site
  • Reilly Windows & Doors, Calverton view site
  • Revival Construction, Atlanta view site
  • RisherMartin Fine Homes, Austin in development
  • Scully Construction, White Plains view site
  • SSH Real Estate, Philadelphia view site
  • Stone Harbor Land Company, Greenwich in development
  • Tongue & Groove, Custom Builder, Wilmington NC view site
  • Vella Interiors, Builders of Exquisite Residences, New York view site
  • Walnut Grove Development, Lake Charles 
  • Whitlock Builders, Charlotte view site
  • Winn Design + Build, Falls Church in development
  • Woodstock Plumbing, Woodstock view site

Artisans & Craftsmen

  • Campbell & Strasser, Bath view site
  • Charlotte Lindley Martin, Merion Station view site
  • Christopher Spitzmiller, Handmade Ceramic Lamps, New York view site
  • Dauses Press, Upper Falls view site
  • Davis Mackiernan Architectural Lighting, Inc., New York view site
  • Eloise Pickard, Historical Lighting, Atlanta in development
  • Elsa Lydia Martin, Jeweler & Metalsmith view site
  • Historic Doors, Fine Craftsmanship in Woodworking, Kempton view site
  • Horus Bronze, Windows & Doors, Brooklyn in development
  • Les Métalliers Champenois view site
  • Lowe Hardware, Rockland view site
  • MarbleCrafters, Trainer PA view site
  • Perfect Glassworks, Germantown MD view site
  • Tanglewood Conservatories, Denton MD 
  • Francesca Schwartz, New York view site


  • Carolands Foundation, Hillsborough CA view site
  • Patrons of the Arts in the Vatican Museums, Washington DC view site


  • ABD Group view site
  • Boswell Group, New York view site
  • David O’Neil, Public Market Consultant, Philadelphia view site
  • Little Bird Publicity, Alameda view site
  • Thorndale Farm LLC, Millbrook in development
  • Vitt Brannen & Associates, Law Firm, Norwich VT view site


  • Archive for Research in Archetypal Symbolism, New York view site
  • Bryn Mawr College, Bryn Mawr 
  • Griffin Global Education Network, Philadelphia view site
  • Institute of Classical Architecture & Art, Philadelphia Chapter view site
  • Institute of Classical Architecture & Art, Washington Mid Atlantic Chapter view site
  • Institute for Law and Economics, Philadelphia 
  • Solebury School, Solebury 
  • Swarthmore College, Swarthmore 
  • Temple University, Philadelphia 
  • University of Pennsylvania: Graduate Admissions, Philadelphia view site
  • University of Pennsylvania: School of Dental Medicine, Philadelphia view site
  • University of Pennsylvania: Undergraduate Named Scholarships, Philadelphia view site
  • University of Pennsylvania: Vice Provost for Research, Philadelphia view site



  • Carson McElheney, Landscape Architecture & Design, Atlanta view site
  • Dan Gordon Landscape Architects, Wellesley view site
  • Doyle Herman Design Associates, Landscape Design, Greenwich view site
  • Janice Parker Landscape Architects, Greenwich view site
  • Kathryn's: Exquisite Gardens & Containers, Sag Harbor view site
  • Oliver Nurseries and Design Associates, Fairfield view site
  • Renée Byers Landscape Architect, Bronxville view site
  • R. Youngblood & Co, Landscapes, Rochester MI view site
  • Summerhill Landscapes, Sag Harbor view site
  • Terren Landscapes, Wynnewood 
  • Walsh Landscape Architecture, Stevensville, MD view site


  • Jeffrey Totaro, Architectural Photography, Gladwyne 
  • Josh Nefsky, Fine Art Photographer, New York view site
  • Kyle Born Photography, Philadelphia view site

Psychology, Medicine, & Science

  • Dr. Betty Kim, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, Beverly Hills view site
  • Deborah C. Stewart, Jungian Analyst, Brooklyn view site
  • East Side Women’s obgyn Associates, New York view site
  • Inter Regional Society of Jungian Analysts view site
  • Kathleen Goldblatt, Jungian Analyst, Boston view site
  • Lisa Marchiano, Jungian Analyst, Philadelphia view site
  • Merion Advisory Group, Bryn Mawr view site
  • Michael Hanowitz, LCSW view site
  • Stephen Martin PsyD, Ardmore view site